A musician coming from Naples, graduated in clarinet with full honors and marks, in 1991 at the State Conservatory “Giuseppe Martucci”, in Salerno, under the expert guide of Mr

Giovanni De Falco.

In 2001 he graduated with full honors and marks, at the same conservatory, in a Chamber Music and in Choir Direction and in 2004 he also got the degree in music composition.

In February 2008 he obtained the Academic Certificate (higher level) in music with excellent marks, in the same year he also got the Academic Certificate (higher level) in techniques of

teaching music.

Gradually he gets a very good position in some national competitions, as solo as in chamber music.

He also performed solo together with some of the most famous European orchestras: Jeunesses Musicales of Belgrade, Academia of Ostrova Czech Republic, Botosani orchestra from

Rumania, etc.

He also joined the orchestra “D’Armonie Des Jeunes De L’Union Européen” 1994 and in 1996 with whom he also made some exhibitions in Spain and in Portugal.

In October 2004 he also performed in the Nervi Room in Vatican for the Pope John Paul II. In the summer 2005 he also performed at the theatre “Manuel Artime” in Miami Florida (Usa), in

order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lasalliani brothers, of the Christian school in Cuba and later in New York, with the Wind Orchestra “Bartolo Longo” of Papal Sanctuary of


He also attended some post graduated school courses concerning the techniques of teaching music and interpretation, held by Mr Giovanni De Falco. En effect he helped him in some of

these courses.

He is often invited as a commissioner in several national music competitions.

He also plays in a lot of Italian cities together with other musicians: with two pianos, three, four, five arches, eight wind instruments and also other particular and unusual combinations and 

he has in repertoire the most of the clarinet literature.

Nowadays he has already composed a great variety of works, both religious and contemporary.

Recently has been published end imprimed on CD the composition "Fantasia su tema d'Opera" for clarinet and piano edited by Valle Giovanni edition.

On november 2014 published with to M° Egidio Napolitano "Solfeggio in Movimento" Corso fondamentale di solfeggio ritmo  e Body-Percussion ed. Diarmonia.

In October 2009 he published a method for Clarinet “by the first approaches to some of the fundamental techniques for the study of the instrument” publisher “Esarmonia”.

Moreover more then 10 years ago, he also started to be the director of the polyphonic choir Diarmonia of the Cathedral in Acerra.

Besides, since 1992 he has taught clarinet in the Wind Orchestra of the Papal Institute Bartolo Longo of Pompei.

Now he is the regular teacher of the clarinet in the musician school “IC2 Castaldo-Nosengo” in Afragola (Naples).

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