At the first was the Tango. Then arrived Astor Piazzolla. Innovator, lover of risque – that of dealing with to the musique historique monument – great musician, Piazzolla concentrated on the jazz and he restaureted the tango.

 Tango Tales

“tell” of a voyage through the places of the tango


Maria Giovanna Siciliano Iengo


Mauro Caturano



In the CD Tango Tales of the DualDuo, composed by the Musicians Siciliano Iengo and Caturano, have been chosed and rielaboreted some representative musiques of argentine compositor, like Historie del Tango, Libertango, Adiòs Nonino, Oblivion e Street Tango; from which has derived a suggestive sonore resultat rich of phatos. The musique played by the two instruments of same musical values, the guitar and the clarinet, become with the time, creating tensions like two dancers careful to every geste and emotion: the pleasure of the moment and the bad of a distant time just to touch metaphisically the Absolute.




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